A year-long context is a tool for curriculum design that supports the development of a sequence for external alignment to standards. The YLC limits the focus to a few standards, strategically scheduled throughout the year.

 In this video Marie discussed the utility of the year-long context and the rules that should be considered during the planning phase of curriculum mapping.

Dr. Alcock discusses the creation of the YLC with an emphasis on understanding the intent or broader interests of a particular set of standards, as well as looking for meaningful connections across curricula both vertically and horizontally. The first 5 steps of the YLC standards alignment are covered.

  1. Explore the *Why* and read the standards
  2. Look at the vertical articulation of each standard
  3. Consider areas of retention in a given year; horizontal alignment
  4. Process the bundling; ask how these standards go together and learn how they connect in a meaningful way
  5. A return to *Why* from a broader perspective; the intent of the standards