Unpacking Standards - Understanding The Process



Unpacking Standards Definition

Unpacking standards is an important step in the process of externally aligning curriculum to a set of standards. Standards are written as complex relationships between skills and concepts - our goal is to break them down into precise content statements and precise skill statements to create learning targets or objectives. Here Marie discusses how to use verbs and nouns as cues for skills, key ideas and proficiencies.

Alignment to Content and Skills

When writing content and skills there are a few guidelines that should be followed to produce high quality lesson plans. Content and skill statements must be refined and translated into easy to understand curriculum. Strategic use of color-coding, alpha-numeric systems, headings and bold lettering increase engagement and comprehension. In this video Marie emphasizes that content elements should be precise, and skills need to be observable and measurable.

Demo | Unpacking Standards into Content and Skills

In this demonstration video, Marie walks us through the process of refining and re-organizing standards to connect in a precise and meaningful way to content and skills.