Game Design Lenses Presentation - Dr. Marie Alcock

Game Design Lenses Webinar - Dr. Marie Alcock

Teaching with The World Peace Game

John Hunter puts all the problems of the world on a 4'x5' plywood board -- and lets his 4th-graders solve them. At TED2011, he explains how his World Peace Game engages schoolkids, and why the complex lessons it teaches -- spontaneous, and always surprising -- go further than classroom lectures can.

World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements


The award-winning documentary from Director Chris Farina and Rosalia Films, World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements interweaves the story of John Hunter, a teacher in Virginia, with his students’ participation in an exercise called the World Peace Game. 

The game triggers an eight-week transformation of the children from students of a neighborhood public school to citizens of the world. The film reveals how a wise, loving teacher can unleash students’ full potential.